Tips on living with Fibromyalgia

Tip 5 Focus on wellness

It has taken me a very long time to learn to shift my focus from weight to wellness… I need to remind myself daily. Once I started thinking about food from a nourishing perspective things started to shift for me. I try to listen to what my body needs and ignore all the chatter in my head about weight, size and all the confusing messages we are bombarded with every day. After a lifetime of dieting, low self esteem and body hating I cannot tell you how liberating that is. It requires so much less energy to love myself than to be negative. I have found the @I_Weigh movement very inspirational.

I want be well, that is it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It has taken me many years of experimentation to find out what helps and what doesn’t. The journey has been well worth it. Lots of veggies, olive oil, lean good quality protein and fresh food really help me to feel the best I possibly can every day. When I am not able to eat those things I just don’t feel as well. What I eat has a huge impact on my fibromyalgia and so does what I think and do. I try and support myself with good food, restorative movement, meditation and gentle yoga.

I found reducing wheat and gluten really help reduced some of my symptoms (tiredness, pain, digestive symptoms, eczema – there was a lot going on!). There are so many great things that I can eat to support my body to be well and strong and to help manage my fibromyalgia symptoms.

If you are considering trying some experimentation yourself it helps to think about all the wonderful things you can eat to support your body instead of focusing on what you can’t. I miss cheese but I sure don’t miss the impact cheese had on my respiratory system and tummy.

Shift your perspective and be open to experimentation. It transformed my life and I hope sharing my experiences will help someone out there battling with the same thing. What have you got to lose? The possibilities of what you could gain are limitless… 🙂