Tips on living with Fibromyalgia

Tip 4 – Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is so important. I am sure you have heard this many times before… I find it does make a huge difference to my energy levels so want to mention it again! I will try anything to increase my energy and drinking enough fluids is a game changer for me.

I drink as much water as I need in the day (works out at around 6 big glasses) and a variety of herbal teas. I do drink tea and coffee earlier in the day (normally one of each). Anymore than that tends to make my fatigue worse in the long run and also makes me really hungry!

I get headaches when I don’t drink enough and feel very fatigued– my body reminds me with these symptoms so it is not something I have to think about. I just do it. As soon as I get into the office I get a big glass of water ready at my desk. Then it is there and I can drink it as I need to. I also find when I need the next glass it gives me a break from my computer for a minute – the trip to the kitchen is good to stretch the legs!

I also find sometimes I think I am hungry but really am just thirsty. I try a drink first to see if I really need food if this feeling arises between meals. Sometimes I need a healthy snack (fruit or a handful of nuts) and sometimes I don’t. It is all about tuning in to what your body is telling you and finding out what works for you.

I add lemon and lime to my water for variety and keeps lot of flavours of herbal tea handy as well. Mint in warm water is delicious as well. Fizzy drinks don’t work for me as just too much sugar or fake sweeteners – just some sparkling water is a nice change when my tummy is behaving (i.e. if I am not bloated or having an IBS flare).

I also love a good homemade smoothie. My favourites are banana, blueberry, spinach with coconut drink (rude health tastes so good). I blend 1 banana with a handful of both spinach and blueberries and enough liquid to cover the fruit. I add almond butter or nuts as well. I use frozen fruit and blend it all in a nutribullet – you can use a blender or whatever you have at home. If it is not a strong blade it might be worth letting it defrost so easier to blend. There are loads of great recipes out there – I find a lot of inspiration on Deliciously Ella’s website.

I have spent many years trying different things to manage my pain and fatigue…. I kept thinking I wish I could have found some tips and ideas in one place. I hope to provide that space here! I find instagram a bit more manageable for tired days – check out my latest kitchen creations @Sustainable Energy Nutrition