Tips on living with Fibromyalgia

Tip 3 – Listen to your body!

So my master plan of a tip to week didn’t exactly work out! One of my main goals with this blog is to show the reality of living with fibromyalgia/CFS so I want to be honest about why that is. This brings me to my next tip in terms of eating and also just life in general. Listen to your body! 

My body was telling me that I was pushing myself too hard and that I had to go back to basics…for me this means eating, sleeping, working, stretching to keep the stiffness away and maybe some cooking if I can manage it. I had written this post but didn’t have any energy to sit at the computer and post it. My eyes are body were tired and weary from using the computer all day at work. I just couldn’t do it.

A few weeks ago my fatigue started to get worse as things became busier in my day job and just life in general. I ignored it and tried to press on but then my body really starting protesting. I started resting more after work and tuning in to what was happening physically and mentally. As a result of that I am starting to get my strength back to my baseline level. My baseline is the amount of daily activity my body can handle without crashing (I learned this in Toby Morrison’s recovery programme).

I was reminded of how ignoring these symptoms left me bed bound 18 months ago and I realised it just isn’t worth it. Do what you have to and leave the rest. Easier said than done I know! Ask for help if you need it, take shortcuts and be open and honest with those around you about where you are.

In terms of eating in these times I rely on things like omelettes, salads, chia pudding, avocado with sourdough toast or wheat free rye bread and roasted veggies in bulk and brown rice (the microwave packets are a lifesaver when I don’t have the energy to wait 25 minutes). Easy to prepare, can be made in advance and left in the fridge ready to go. I also steam lots of broccoli and green beans so I can eat them cold when I need a snack. If you don’t have the energy for that order some pre-done ones that you can microwave or just throw some frozen peas in a bowl with a tablespoon of water (done in 2 minutes!).

I hope that this has given someone out there going through the same thing a few ideas. My plan is to get more recipes up soon (ones that take less than 10 minutes and are delicious!). Time for a break now. Yes that is me listening to my body…I highly recommend it.