Tips on living with Fibromyalgia

My Top 5 Tips For Healthy & Delicious Eating!

Organisation, variety and a balanced approach are the key things that help me to stay as well as possible. Eating nutritious food really helps me manage my fibromyalgia symptoms and boosts my often limited energy!

I love preparing, cooking and eating food. The food that I eat has a huge impact on how I feel. I think that this is true for all of us in varying degrees. I am always looking for inspiration and time saving tips. Here are some of my top tips that help me survive and thrive!

In a series of posts I will be sharing my top 5 tips – a new tip each week . One small change can make a world of difference. I find it hard to concentrate after a long day at work and my pain and tiredness tend to be worse in the evening. I am structuring this post with a reader like me in mind – I know I am not alone in this based on the posts I see in the wider fibro community.

Eating well enables me to live my life as fully as possible and minimises the exhaustion and pain that can often accompany a chronic illness. I love tasty food and I cook nutritious dishes that are naturally dairy and gluten free (without any chemical nasties!).

I hope these tips help you experiment and find what works for you. Say no to diets!

Tip 1 – Plan for the week ahead on the weekend!

I plan what meals/snacks/food I will need for the week ahead. Then I do an online grocery order so I have all the ingredients handy. I have the apps on my phone so I can do this on the train in the morning before any brain fog kicks in. 🙂 I try and make it as easy as possible for myself so it is not an effort.

I don’t plan the order/day I will make each dish so that there is some spontaneity. I eat what I fancy that day… it is easy to do that when you have it all to hand! I make sure I have the ingredients for 3-4 easy quick fresh meals ready.

My go to dishes includes veggie curry, prawns, veggies and noodles, brown rice & roasted veggies… everything I cook generally takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and about 20 minutes maximum to cook. I like simple, flavourful food. On days I am flared up I have easy things like eggs so that I can avoid processed food. I have eggs for dinner fairly often. I add roasted red peppers, roasted veggies and anything else I have already cooked. Less than 5 minutes and dinner is on the table!

Check out my kitchen staples to help you plan your shopping list. I will be posting more recipes to help you create easy meals one at a time. Taking things slowly is so important with fibromyalgia – pushing to hard can cause a crash. I have learned after my last 6 month crash that it is just not worth it. Be kind to yourself.

Tune in next week for Tip 2! 🙂