Curry for when you are in a hurry!

My curry is ready in under 10 minutes and a staple of my weekly menu. I eat this every week in some variation. I find it satisfying, comforting, healthy and easy – always my favourite way of cooking! It is also a great way of using up any leftover vegetables in the fridge.
Think of the ingredients below as a base and you can add whatever you like to it that suits you.

I call it my chickpea curry and the rest of the ingredients vary depending on what I have in the fridge and what I feel like having. Here is how I make it:

1-2 tablespoons coconut oil (or whatever you have)
1-2 tablespoons curry powder (I like Tesco hot curry powder, you can always try mild/medium if unsure and add chillies to it)
1 tin chick peas* & any veggies you like (courgettes, mushrooms and spring onions work well)
1 tin/carton tomatoes (approx. 400 grams)
1 tin coconut milk (approx. 400 grams)
Fresh lime or lemon to finish.
Salt – I add a bit, just add to suit your taste.
A few handfuls of spinach.

Fry curry powder for a minute or so in the heated oil at a medium heat. If adding additional veggies just cook them for a minute or two at this point. Then add in the chick peas, tomatoes and coconut milk. Cook for about 5 minutes on a low to medium heat and then add the spinach. Cook until wilted for another couple of minutes. Once done squeeze in the juice of a lemon or a lime in – taste to see how tangy you like it.

If you want to add meat you can cook chicken with the curry powder at the beginning. I like to make a  sesame tamari chicken to go with this and other curries. I prefer to serve it with this on top so the chicken stays a bit crispy. Method below!

Sesame Tamari chicken:
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon unsweetened peanut butter
2 tablespoons tamari for gluten free or soya sauce
2 large chicken breasts

Chop up and marinate the 2 chicken breasts in the sesame, tamari and peanut butter. Cover and leave for at least an hour (longer if possible, I like a few hours or the night before).

Then heat a dry pan** at a medium to high heat and add the chicken. Cook for 3-4 minutes each side to let a crust form. Be brave and resist the temptation to keep stirring and moving it around so it becomes caramelised and sticky in the pan!

Serve with brown rice, quinoa or whatever grain you like.

Helpful tips:
*I use at least one carton of chickpeas. Use 2 if you don’t have a lot of fresh vegetables to add. You then have lots of leftover.
**No extra oil needed as the marinade is wet enough in the pan It gets and then serve it with it.